Major Research Reports

The NDPC/N makes selected major research reports available online.


A Meta-Analysis of Dropout Prevention Outcomes and Strategies
(A Technical Report in Collaboration with The Center for Educational Partnerships at Old Dominion University). S. L. Chappell, P. O'Connor, C. Withington, & D. A. Stegelin. Clemson, SC: National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. April 2015.


Dropout risk factors and exemplary programs: A technical report
C. Hammond, J. Smink, & S. Drew: National Dropout Prevention Center. D. Linton: Communities In Schools, Inc. May 2007.


Rural School Dropout Issues: Implications for Dropout Prevention—Strategies and Programs
J. Smink & M. Reimer: National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. June 2009


Programs of study as a state policy mandate: A longitudinal study of the South Carolina Personal Pathways to Success Initiative--Final technical report: Major findings and implications
C. Hammond, S. F. Drew, C. Withington, C. Griffith, C. M. Swiger, C. Mobley, J. L. Sharp, S. Stringfield, N. Stipanovic, & L. Daugherty: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, Louisville, KY, April 2013.