Tips for Effective Use

Solutions to the Dropout Crisis

Tips for Using the Webcast Solutions to the Dropout Crisis

Every month, on the second Tuesday at 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network will be producing a program on the Web. Solutions to the Dropout Crisis will highlight effective practices in dropout prevention, and leading national experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

Here's how to maximize your participation in Solutions:

Ask Questions

Before and during the show, you can email your questions to, with Solutions in the subject line.

During the live broadcast, you can call this toll-free number, 888-539-8859. If you are outside the U.S., call 864-656-4549.

Note: Because of time restrictions, we cannot guarantee that we can get to all questions, but we will do our best.

Review Materials

Review the Web sites and other materials that are listed on the Web page for each broadcast. Use these to help you focus your questions as well as to supplement what you will hear. They will be excellent follow-up resources after the show.

Listen to or Watch the Live Broadcast

You can tune in right at your desk, using the computer for both the sound and to view the live broadcast, the slide presentation(s), and other related resources.

You can set up a room at your school where you can connect a projector and speakers to your computer, and then gather faculty, staff, and community partners for the program. With a speakerphone in the room, members of your audience can ask questions individually, or you can formulate a question or two as a group and have one spokesperson call or email in questions. A terrific opportunity for professional development at no cost!

Missed It?

Don't worry! Each program is archived, and although you cannot ask questions live, you will get to hear the program in its entirety. The archived version will be up on the Web site by 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time on the day following the live broadcast, and will remain on the Web site for your convenience.

Share the experience with your colleagues. If they missed the program, they too can tune in on their own schedules.

Other Recommendations

Use the Webcast and the accompanying resources in conjunction with pre-service teacher education classes, or perhaps, a graduate class with educational leaders.

If your school or district has a dropout prevention team, be sure your members hear each program, and generate some discussion and planning around topics that are meaningful to your particular setting.

Use the program to reach a targeted group in your community. For example, if there is a program on parent involvement, this could be listened to and shown at a PTO meeting or with School Improvement Councils.

Any questions about this webcast, contact us at